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Open your Eyes

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There are times in life when we come across someone and it suddenly dawns on us, deep inside, that that person is the one whom we have been waiting for our whole life, and we start to love them with all that we have, unconditionally.

The same thing happened to this girl, studying far away from home. At a time when she didn’t have a family nearby to turn to, she met him and she knew that he was the guy that she had been waiting for and dreaming of. It didn’t take long for them to fall for each other and their relationship started off pretty well and it was apparent that he also loved her back in the same way she did, and she lived her life for him.

But three months into their fairy tale relationship, things suddenly changed and he started to abuse her physically for every little mistake she made, for staring at other guys (though quite by accident) , for being too busy to pick up his calls in time.

He pushed her down the stairway and she fractured her hands but she related to her friends that she slipped and had a bad fall. He slapped her constantly for failing to reply his text messages in time, and all along, her feelings for him never wavered. She was totally blind to the fact that he was using her.

     It was only when her best friends came to know the real reasons behind the incidents that they forced her to break up with him. It was the most heart-breaking thing she ever did – Breaking up with her dream guy.

Depression hit her and she suffered for months and it took her quite a long time to realize that she was blindly in love and that he never loved her truly. It took her even longer to realize that he had destroyed her physically, emotionally and mentally.

    Today she has found another love; someone who loves her for what she is….but the memory still haunts her every now and then. She knows that the scars in her heart will last a lifetime, something that she can’t erase, something that she can’t flush out.

    She has a heart of stone now and it’s holding her back from loving truly, afraid to take another new step.

Dear friends, ever come across someone who is in the same situation or are you in her shoes now? If love is blind, are you blind too? Are you being physically (or emotionally and mentally) abused by someone you love?

    You don’t want to be haunted with nightmares for the rest of your life. You don’t want to live with scars in your heart….because no matter what sort of excuses you give today, you will hit reality one day and that is when you’ll cry.

 Open your eyes, look around you and see where you stand now.

Physical abuse by loved ones – these kinds of incidents are so common these days and it’s not new either. And the problem is that it goes unreported, people suffer silently and they never open up.

But when everything comes to an end, in the blink of an eye….everything will be changed, things will fall apart so suddenly and you will realize that your love for the other person was but in vain!!

 Open your eyes…..Today!!

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