Moatsu – Ao Naga Festival

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Moatsü Festival of the Ao Nagas

Mokokchung, Nagaland, India is the headquarter for the Ao Nagas. Moatsu the premier festival of Ao Naga is celebrated each year in the month of May from 1st to 3rd. The festival is celebrated after the sowing season to seek God’s blessings and good harvest. During Moatsü festival people slaughter the best cow, pig and feast along with traditional dances and folklore. Beautiful and colorful traditional costumes worn by Ao Naga tribal is what makes the festival mesmerizing. Apart from music and dances Moatsu festival is also a great time for different villages to make good friendship with neighboring villages as well as with other tribals and people outside district and state. The term “Ancha” is used to refer when one village invites neighbouring villages or people to the festival to strengthen their friendship or to make new friendship. If you would like to witness moastu festival, chuchuyimlang Village which is 30 kilometer away from district headquarter Mokokchung is recognized as destination for moatsu festival. Come and be a part of this harmonious festival and witness the festival once in a life time. You may check this moatsu festival video at chuchuyimang 2019 .

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