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How to reach Kohima, Nagaland

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How to reach kohima?

It may seems obvious for most us but on the other side of the corner there are many who wishes to reach the capital of Nagaland Kohima and may be having a hard time finding a way. It is true that Nagaland is such a small state where we can reach the other end of the state within the same day provided there is a road connectivity for vehicles. But Even with a proper road connectivity most of the time it is hard to get the transportation when we need to certain places. Before much adieu lets find some ways on how you can reach kohima, Nagaland.

So far at the time of writing this article, Kohima the capital Of Nagaland, India does not have flight nor rail connectivity mainly because of the landscape i should say. So the only means to reach Kohima is by road.

The most convenient way to reach Kohima by any tourist is Via Dimapur which is 74 Kilometer apart. One can reach Dimapur (commercial hub of Nagaland) from all the major cities of India as Dimapur have both rail and flight connectivity.

By Bus – Nagaland State Transport(NST)

Upon reaching Dimapur you can avail the service provided by State Transport Department – Nagaland state Transport(NST) bus service which ply between kohima and Dimapur from 6:00 Am to 6:00 Pm approx Monday to saturday with a fare or transportation charge of 100 to 120 Rupees per head. NST bus service can be accessed to other Districts and villages within Nagaland as well as to some neighboring states.

NST Bus station is located opposite to Railway station.But if you travel by flight, NST bus station is 15 to 30 minutes drive from Airport. So you can reach NST station by Taxi or by an auto rickshaw from Airport which will cost you 100 INR to 200 INR.

By Taxi-Zonal Taxi services

Another means to reach Kohima upon arrival at Dimapur is by using a shared Taxi (cab) or by hiring a Taxi. Taxi station is located in between railway station and NST Bus station, it is also available in various places or along the road side of the airport area. If you wish to use a shared taxi the fare or the transportation charge will cost you 300 INR and if you hire a taxi for yourself it will cost you 1200 to 1500 INR. Taxi services are available almost 24X7 but the charges are higher during night and sundays.

So far Bus and Taxi services are the only two means to reach kohima if you do not own your car or borrow from your friend. It is indeed very easy to get transportation during day time to reach kohima but but it becomes bit harder to get a taxi service or bus service at night, so it is advice to plan the trip ahead because even upon arraival all those traffic jams will delay in getting even a good hotel if you donot pre booked it.

One thing to always remember when you hire a taxi or auto rickshaw is to avoid over paying for the services because In Nagaland neither taxi nor the auto rickshaw have a meter system. The best way is to have a good bargain before boarding or ask around the people how much the normal fare should be for your destination.

Things to keep handy while in Kohima or dimapur

If you are visiting Kohima or Dimapur during summer season make sure to carry a water bottle and Umbrella because the weather in Dimapur in too hot and the weather in kohima is too rainy, so either way you will for sure need those must have things with you.

If you visit kohima and Dimpur during winter, you donot need a heavy winter clothings when you are in dimapur but when you reach kohima you will need a thicker winter clothing as the weather is cold to extremly cold.

If you have any quieries drop in the comment below.

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