Chuchuyimlang Village
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Chuchuyimlang Village – The Moatsü Destination of Ao Nagas

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Chuchuyimlang Village

Chuchuyimlang is a beautiful village which is 30 Kilometer from district headquarter Mokokchung in the state of Nagaland in North Eastern India. The village is divided into four sectors or colony, in Ao dialect it is called as “mopu”.
The names of the mopu are:-

  1. Longzung mopu
  2. Teyong mopu
  3. Impang mopu
  4. Imlang Mopu.

There is also a “Town Area” called as “Chuchu Town” an urban station which comes under different constituency which is 1 KM approx. from the village. The census as per 2001 shows that it has overtaken Ungma Village as the largest Ao village. It lies on National Highway 2, about 30 km from the heart of Mokokchung town. It is a famous destination for the celebration of Moatsu Mong or Moatsu festival from May 1st to 3rd annually as it is the only Ao village which invites people from neighboring trans during the festival which indeed give boast in making friendship with different tribes,people and community while maintaining its great traditions.

Moatsü Festival 2019

One can reach Chuchuyimlang village via Amguri Assam, Guwahati Assam, kohima and Dimapur.Daily transportation services are available like Buses, Tata Sumos, etc from the highlighted places above. Guest house facilities are made available to visitors in all the colonies of chuchuyimlang village at an affordable price range including fooding. Do pay a visit to chuchuyimlang through out the year and enjoy a lifetime worth of memories.

Aerial view of Chuchuyimlang Village. PC:Imsong Vlogs
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